Give Users Access to Edit 1 or 1,000 Pages

Control user access by creating roles for your work teams and departments. Give Human Resources the ability to edit the HR pages and to access the Jobs Module. Give your Marketing Department the ability to access all pages. With a few clicks, you decide. Zoom CMS already has the most popular roles installed, and you can customize more roles as needed.

Control: Limit Access to CMS Pages and Modules
Unlimited Users

Zoom CMS does not limit the number of user accounts that your company creates - add one for each staff person who edits pages on the site or checks Module data.  We include handy features like a password reminder and landing page setting. Multiple roles can be assigned to each user for custom access rules.

We Track Failed Logins

With the ability to track failed logins, hacking and unauthorized access to your CMS admin area is not a concern.  We include a failed login report where you will see IP address, login, password attempts and status of the account. If a user has too many failed login attempts, the account will be locked.

Role Builder Saves Time

Set the same administrative access for a team of users with one click by creating a Custom Role. If you need to change what pages they can access in the future, simply update the role settings.

Adjust and Limit Module Access

Each module comes with a role to limit access to only users with that role. Your Human Resources department can be assigned to the Job Applications module. Your Sales Department can be assigned to the Lead/Response Form module. You can control who can manage each module.
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