Manage 10 to 10,000 Pages with Ease!
SEO Tools Help People Find You.

Search engines are important. Zoom CMS includes powerful tools so your site can be indexed and found by those who are looking for your products and services. Pages have real names, unique title tags, and unique META tags. Our navigation system is built with CSS and can also be indexed.

Power: Control Your Pages Your Way

What's in a Name?

Everything! Google assumes that you name your pages with keywords about your products or services. They rank your page higher for those keywords.  With Zoom CMS, you control your page names, category names and title tags.  Each page also has unique META tags and advanced tags for dynamic data.

Copy Pages to Grow Your Site Quickly

By using a simple copy button, making new pages is easy. You can quickly copy pages and keep all of the settings (and content) in place. Copying pages is useful for information that you only post once a year. You don't need to create the whole page again - just copy the page from last year, make a few changes, and you're done!

  CSS and a Editor Control the Styles

Zoom CMS makes it easy to maintain a consistent look on your website. A simple drop-down box contains all the fonts and styles you need for your website.

When the team at AFS Web creates your templates, we create CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to give you shortcuts to the font settings for your design.  You'll never need to remember what type of font or color for your site again.
Screenshot - Our Editor >

Documents, Images, Video and Flash 

Zoom CMS provides great tools for uploading, organizing, optimizing, and displaying documents, images, video and flash animation on your site.

Our Image Manager offers a built-in Image Editor so that you can resize, crop, rotate, flip, rename and save your images without using an outside software tool first. 

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