Drop-Down Menu Management:
Point and Click Control

Every site needs a drop-down menu. Other content management software systems only give you the ability to edit a basic menu. Zoom CMS gives you the power to do more - edit menu items, add new pages to the menu, reorder pages, rename pages, link to PDF documents or other web sites.

Organized: One-Click Access to Hundreds of Pages
Big Web Site Woes?

Organization becomes a problem with sites that have more than 40 - 50 pages and for sites with 1,000 or more pages, it can seem impossible.  Zoom CMS gives you the tools to manage your dynamic drop-down menu (top navigation) through an easy to use interface.  We have clients that manage thousands of pages successfully using our menu management system.
Two Steps to Add a New Page to the Menu

Zoom CMS will not limit you to the number of pages that you can add to the menu and we make it easy to add them.  Link to site pages, uploaded PDF files or external web sites (that can open in a new window) from your navigation bar. 

Because the menu system is CSS, it's search engine friendly, too!

Even the menus have menus!

We offer more than just a simple drop-down menu, your menu can have multiple levels of fly-outs (child objects) so your pages are organized in a way that works for you.  Perfect for large sites!
Dynamic Side Navigation

If your site has more than 25 pages, consider adding our Dynamic Side Navigation Module.  This handy module provides you with a side navigation system that always shows the right pages because it updates from the main top navigation bar (that you manage). It displays the correct expanded menu items to the visitor based on where they are in the site - smart!
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