Let's Build This Web Site Together

Unlike open source software that you download and try to figure out, ZOOM CMS staff will work with you to set up the site the way you want.  You'll work with real professional web designers and consultants to get a site that will actually change the way you think about your web site.

Begin with a plan for your project
When you purchase a Zoom CMS web site, an experienced project manager will contact you to review the plan and share with you the steps for the project.  They will listen to your needs and will review your current site to see where improvements are needed.  Because we have 18 years of experience with managing web site projects, your questions will be answered every step of the way.
Market your site with branding, usability, & site content
We offer advanced consulting services from our founder, Christina Blenk, for those projects where you need access to a web professional to solve your online business / communication issues or other web site concerns.  We also have partners for branding (logo / design look) and web site content (new text written for the project).  Just ask for referrals once the project starts.
Stock Web Templates
Great layouts and professional designs to get you started.
Custom Zoom Design
A unique look and feel created
exclusively for your business.

Design with a Partner
Develop your brand and a relationship
with an agency or designer.


  Templates are made to work with Zoom CMS
Your approved designs are cut and coded into XHTML and CSS templates that will be the building blocks for your new site. Once templates are made, we will insert special programming that allows the dynamic parts of Zoom CMS to work. It may seem like magic, but this step is really the most important one. Templates must be compatible with most major browsers and must load quickly. We'll test them and make sure that they meet the standards for a Zoom CMS site.
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