Find a REALTOR® Database Module  

More exposure for your member REALTORS® is easy

If you manage a Board of REALTOR® web site, you'll be familiar with the challenges that keeping your online membership information updated can be.  The Zoom CMS "Find a REALTOR® Database Module" solves these issues by pulling current information from your internal membership software (Microsoft SQL Server database is needed) and automatically updating the web site on a daily basis.

Proven with the popular Rapattoni MLS / Association Management Software Package, this module comes with the search functions needed so members are found and utilized by the public.

Search features include:

  • Click on last name letter
  • Last or First Name
  • Company Name
  • Dynamic City List (always cities with member REALTORSĀ® in them)
  • Residential or Commercial Specialization
  • Professional Certification

Display results for hundreds or thousands of REALTOR® members
Search results are displayed on an easy to understand list page that allows the visitor to sort and control their view of the REALTOR® member information.  Built-in pagination allows easy review for even the largest of membership databases. 

Each member has their own page
Visitors will see a separate page for each REALTOR® member with contact information, email and web address, plus their designations.  Because this information is always up to date with your internal membership software, the public will have a good experience contacting the perfect REALTOR® for them.

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