The Form Builder Module  

Use this module to create as many response forms as you want with customized Thank You pages and Thank You email messages.

This exciting new module provides you with the freedom to create online forms for your visitors with all submissions saved to the database for export to Excel. Features include:

  • Manage an unlimited amount of response forms through our simple admin panel
  • Are your forms long? No problem, break your forms up into multiple pages to make them more user friendly
  • Select from a wide variety of form fields: section headings, text boxes, multi-line text boxes, dropdown lists, radio buttons, check boxes and more!
  • You can now select from a list of “Fast Fields”. The list includes US state dropdown lists, countries dropdown list, formatted phone number field, image uploader, data pickers and more!
  • You can select which fields are required for submission
  • No more form frustration with our advanced tool tips and hover helpers
  • Add “prefilled” text to prompt the visitor for the remaining information
  • Create custom reports and choose which fields appear on the admin panel

Because your "Thank You" email is editable by you, your prospect can see your current promotions, key contacts and more in a professional looking layout. 

We will setup 1 form for you to follow - Contact Us!

Create your own thank you pages and thank you email message
Each response form provides you with a custom Thank You page and Thank You email message. Excel export of data is also available on a per-form basis.

But wait, there’s more!
  • Each form has Google and Bing Pay Per Click ROI tracking data settings – so that you can enter your tracking codes and see submissions as ROI values on Google and Bing
  • Each form email notification setting can be set to one or multiple people on your team
  • Manage your submissions with our Archiving system so that leads that have been processed can be archived online so that team members see only active leads when they visit the administration area
  • Each form can then be placed on your ZOOM CMS pages as needed (once or on multiple pages)
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