The Event Calendar Module  

Beautiful Event Calendars with Color and Detail

Promote your events, speaking engagements, demo dates, meeting schedules, and more with our Event Calendar Module. This module is perfect for clients who do not need event registration. It gives you the tools to set up an unlimited number of events with photos, links and details that drive attendance.

  • Manage your own unlimited categories and subcategories
  • Color-code each category so calendar items match that color
  • Calendar display by Month, Week, Day or List view
  • Printer Friendly link for Month, Week & Day views
  • Google Maps Link is built-in
  • Add to Microsoft Outlook button inlcuded
  • Multiple time display options (all day, ignore time, etc.)
  • Format your event details with CSS, links, images, video & more 
  • Recurring event setup options - Monthly / Weekly / Daily
  • Select as many category / subcategories to publish the event across pages on the site automatically
  • Instantly display items on your Home Page

Multiple views of events - all automatic!
This module comes with what we call the "big grid" view of your events - a month-at-a-glance display that is interactive, color coded and flexible to show your visitors a week or day at a time if desired.  We also include a great Event List view - all categories or just one - showing a mini-calendar and always the current events with details in plain view.  Finally, we have the Event Sidebar view - perfect for a home page or web page column.  Show one category of events or all of them - you decide.

Online e-commerce registration - we have that too
Do you want your web site visitors to register for events (either free or paid) and for the system to keep track of the number of seats available, allow the visitor to buy extra items at the time of registration, and pay online with a credit card?  We have a module for that and it's our Event Calendar Module with Online Registration - click the link to check it out.

Register for a FREE Demo of the Event Calendar Module
Want to see this module in action?  Register for a free demo and our friendly staff will take you (and up to five others) through an online demo of the Zoom CMS software with a focus on this module.  Click here to register.
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