Online Database Search Module  

Your Visitors Can Find the Data they Want

When your website needs an searchable online database, this module offers the features that you need.  We include multiple searching methods (text search, city/state, checkboxes, date ranges, etc.) that produce a list page with pagination.  Features include:

  • Administration area for adding / editing record entries
  • Optional - Upload an Excel file for instant additions / updates
  • Development of a search page with up to 5 criteria
  • Search results (list) page with links to a detail page
  • Detail page with full record information
  • Optional - Connect to your internal SQL Server Database

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This module is customized to your needs, so please contact us for a quote to add this to your Zoom CMS software. Contact a specialist at Zoom CMS or complete our Custom Quote form. 


Display results for hundreds or thousands of entries
Search results are displayed on an easy to understand list page that allows the visitor to sort and control their view of the member information.  Built-in pagination allows easy review for even the largest of databases. 

Each record has its own page
Visitors will see a separate page for each record with the information that you want to display. Easy navigation back to search results encourage additional searching. 

How can this module be used? 
We have had clients use this module to search membership directories, grant databases, product inventory databases, resource data, and staff directories.

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