Make the Most of Your Site with Modules!

Enhance the abilities of your website with a module - a Zoom CMS software plug-in. By adding a module, you will manage news articles, job listings, event calendars and much more with ease!

Efficient: Pick Your Modules to Power Your Site

Dynamic News Module
Organize news, articles, press releases,
newsletters and more.
Event Calendar Module
Schedule events, display event details
with pictures, create multiple calendars.
Event Registration Module
Process e-commerce registrations
for your events.

Site Search Module
Site-wide search engine that updates
when your content changes.
Job Search Module
Add open job positions to your site
with dynamic display.
Job Application Module
Accept job applications online.  Export
to Excel and import to your HR department.

Form Builder Module
Build contact forms, get sales leads
and more responses.
Photo Gallery Module
More than a photo album. Use the gallery to display your products, services or portfolio.
Private Pages Module
Secure your web site pages for access by a login and password.

Online Database Search Module Visitors search your data to find the right contact or product. Manage data directly or connect to SQL database.   Smart FAQ Module
Help your visitors get the answers they need. Direct them to the correct person for assistance.
Storefront Module
This online store offers product management, shopping cart, coupons and donations.
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