PSD to HTML Guidelines

Design File Guidelines

To help us cut and code your design, please follow the guidelines when creating your PSD, TIFF or PNG file:

  • Files must use the RGB color scheme. If the design we receive uses a CMYK color scheme, we will convert it to RGB. Colors may differ from the original design. We will confirm the change with you.

  • Files must contain layers.

  • The site design must comply to current web standards. The file should be made with a resolution at 72dpi. The maximum width of the content area should not exceed 1024px.

  • Please do not flatten text layers. If text layers are flattened, please let us know the font style and size that should be used in the placeholder.

  • Text cannot be made with visual effects such as gradients and shadows.

  • Please group corresponding layers together. For example, background images, heading, main content and footer.

  • Rasterize layers with non-web safe fonts. Special fonts will be images in your website.

  • All stock photography, icons and images must have valid licenses for use. We recommend images at iStockphoto. Images that are part of the PSD are the responsbility of the client. A valid license or permission of use must be obtained.

Example of Grouping and Layers

The example below is an example of the grouping and layers of a psd file. The logical grouping and naming will help us code your file.

You Design
Send us your design – a layered PSD, TIFF or PNG file.

We Cut the Design
We cut your design in Photoshop.

Zoom CMS Templates
We code your site for the Zoom CMS templates.

We test the site in all major browsers.
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