This City Uses the Form Builder Module to get Responses

"We have a seven page PDF form that asks residents about what they would like to have in their parks for sporting activities but no one is filling it out.  How do we turn it into an online form?" 

This was the challenge given to us by the City of Reynoldsburg and the Form Builder Module was up to the task.   The website administrator at the City of Reynoldsburg entered, formatted, and structured questions so that a visitor is taken through a multi-page online form and the results are available for Excel download for analysis by city staff.

The surprising result of this online form was the amount of responses that it has received in a short amount of time.  Over 100 responses have been recorded in a two week period - a much higher number than was expected and a 100% increase over what was completed with the paper form. 

Here is a screen shot of page one from the online form:

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